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Rhein Group founded to assist customers with high quality products

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  • We specialize in contract manufacturing of components for spinal, joint and extremity medical device industry. We’re driven by a commitment to efficiency and unmatched turn-around times for our customers – while never sacrificing high quality. Our industry experience allows us to make good on this promise.

    By employing the latest technology, and being armed with years of insight to tackle any issue, Rhein is the most reliable production partner you can find. Regardless of scope, we always come through. With a facility of over 14,000 sq. ft., we’re efficiently set up to produce lot sizes anywhere from a prototype stage quantity (1-10) to production runs (100+).

    All of our CNCs are validated, and here’s an overview of our capabilities:

    3, 4 and 5 Axis Milling

    6 Axis Swiss Lathes

    Chuck Style Lathes

    Laser Marking

    Roto Finishing


    Cleaning Processes

    When needed, we leverage our long-standing relationships with outside vendors to accommodate the following services:

    Heat Treating



    Chrome Coating

    Tin Coatings

    Non-destructive Testing (Dye Penetrant and X-ray)


    We simply get the job done. Below you’ll find a detailed list of the machinery in our facility.

    CNC Milling

    (2) Haas Mini Mill 4-Axis

    (2) Haas VF2 4-Axis Milling Center

    (2) Haas VM2 5-Axis Milling Center

    CNC Swiss Turning

    Tsugami 20MM 6-Axis Swiss Lathe

    Tsugami 26MM 6-Axis Swiss Lathe

    Tsugami 32MM 6-Axis Swiss Lathe

    CNC Turning

    Haas SL10 Turning Center

    Haas ST 20 Turning Center

    CNC Wire EDM

    (2) Sodick AQ325 Auto Threading

    Metal Finishing Equipment

    Double End Polishing Lathe

    Trinco Media Blasting Cabinet

    Walther Trowal Centrifuge Disc Finishing

    Manual Machining

    Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine

    Haas Tool Room Lathe with Full CNC control


    Keyence Vision System IM-6600 Controller

    16” S-T Optical Comparator

    Calibration Control, Gage Calibration Tracking Software

    Miscellaneous Equipment

    Crest Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Crest Ultrasonic Citric Passivation

    2014 Trumpf Laser Work Station


    Our customer relationships have been successful because no single component leaves our shop without being comprehensively inspected. Due to a rigorous Quality Management System, delivering excellence is never a question.

    Our contract manufacturing system has been reviewed and approved by a range of experts within the orthopedic industry. This has granted us a preferred level of supplier status with many highly respected companies – a status we worked hard to achieve, and one we take pride in maintaining.

    Currently, we are ISO-9001:2008 registered, and ISO 13485 registered. This evolution will continue to enhance the level of service afforded to our customers.

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    Rhein Group

About Rhein Group

Established in 1987 as manufacturer and exporters of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary, Manicure and pedicure Instruments as well as all kind of scissors.

Our last six decades experience in the respective filed enables us to produce the best quality products and meet the satisfaction of our valuable clients to manufacturer the best quality products. We have highly skilled experts and equipment’s equipped with latest technology. Our Quality assurance department examines each item at every stage. We believe in quality and always strictly follow the international quality standard Certification of ISO-9001, 13485, GMP (FDA) & CE-MARK (REPRESENTED BY MOODI INTERNATIONAL, UK.) ensures the quality of our products.

Our research and department always strives to develop new technologies to improve quality. Worthy clients are informed that those instruments which are not listed in our website can be obtained from us a mater samples, specification or reference from any foreign catalogues as per the customers specification. We has a vide number of clients around the World especially in the USA, UK, Germany and Scandinavian countries as well as Malaysia and Korea

For Global customers satisfaction. We have achieved the Trademark Standard such as ISO 9001-2002 FDA GMP, and are fulfilling all the requirements of MDD 93/42/EEC to mark CE on the products. We are now striving for TQM and marching towards the goal of Bench Marking. On the above grounds we are much willing to serve your esteemed and prestigious organization, and hope you will surely provide us with this nice opportunity very soon.

Rhein Group Certifications


CEO Statement

Dear Client,

At Rhein, we are at our best when we are bringing great products to market. We create high-quality medical instruments that are designed to help some of the world’s best physicians. This is our driving motivation to enable the world’s doctors, physicians, and paramedical staff to transform the lives of those around them through state of the art medical instruments.

Our products drive an immense sense of pride among our global customers, and provide a lasting difference for our industry. As a healthcare instruments manufacturer, we are extremely proud to create high-quality medical devices & instruments that lead the industry.

As a world-class instruments manufacturer, we play a key role, together with industry partners, in developing a better, more sustainable medical devices & instruments for future generations. You can trust Rhein to maintain a focus on this critical responsibility at every step of our business activity with you.


Mazhar Hussain Amjad

Director Statement

Dear Customer,

The last few years have brought both challenge and change for Rhein. We adopted a corporate structure that allows us to be a more competitive business and market player. We’ve made excellent progress, but we have more to do.

We will continue to take decisive action to strengthen and grow our group in a sustainable way. This development was reflected by enlarging the product platform and by introducing high end medical diagnostic devices to the market.

To make Rhein the defining force in tomorrow's challenges. We are working tirelessly to improve ourselves to meet the needs of our healthcare instruments industry. We are rebuilding our identity and brand image. Now we are corporately transformed to reflect an array of a high-quality medical instruments & devices producer.

Our people will continue to be the driving force behind our success and growth. We zealously believe that the future of our group depends on the way in which Rhein cares for people.


Bilal Amin